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Pull up a chair, sit down and relax, and let me bend your ear about what we both love. Gambling!

This site is all about online gambling in various forms. There are reviews of casinos, gambling sites, bingo halls, and poker rooms. There is valuable information about playing, strategies, winning, and money management at the tables. You will see that we will make suggestions from time to time about certain sites. These are our opinions unless otherwise noted. I will tell you that we have played in every casino or been to every site that we may suggest. Ask us about our experience with them if you would like.

The purpose of this site is to make you comfortable with online gambling sites, the money transactions, and the integrity of the owners, software, and banking. With all the problems in the world today, you should be able to find a site you can trust to give you honest, solid information that will help you make your own decisions about online gambling.

So take some time to browse the site, a good place to start is the “Gambling Information” section, see top menu. The Casinos and other items in the sidebars are sites that we know and trust, please visit some of them to check them out.

This is not a static site, this is a continual work in progress, the information is updated or changed as we see changes occur in the industry. So come back often and see what’s new or news worthy.

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Once again, thank you for visiting us, and trusting us.

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